Planning for Japan

Trey’s First Blog Post!

Hey guys, did you know we were going to Japan soon? We started planning a few days ago, but we just now have started naming the places we want to go.

One place that I definitely don’t want to go is the public baths. Seriously, who would want to get in a hot tub with other people while naked? That is just weird!

public bath

We also found out about the Legoland Discovery Center, and I am really excited about it.

And I definitely can’t wait for the food like rice and sushi!


See you guys later!


I‘m still not even sure how to go about planning! But nonetheless we are gathering materials and have a wish list board. We have a shared spreadsheets on our devices. And a Flipboard magazine full of articles. And a Pinterest board for packing ideas. Have you any idea how many hours of YouTube we have watched of not only destinations but on all of the different “best” backpacks ever? 

I just want to go! I want to see! But there are some things things that should be sorted out ahead of time. But right now I don’t want to think of the details of going. I am having the hardest time making a grocery list and menu plan (Yes, Honey, I do always have one, even if it is just in my head.) for this week because our Japan trip is taking up all of my available brain space!

I’m not a writer, but I love telling stories

For those of you that end up visiting our blog on a regular basis, here’s what you can expect to see here:

  1. I am not a writer, but I love telling stories. I have a tendency to ramble at times and my grammar is certainly not the greatest. At other times, my writing ability (or, better said, energy) is limited to bullet points or twitter-like 140 characters (or less). If you can overlook these quirks, you may hear a story from time to time that challenges you, makes you think, or perhaps just makes you laugh. I suppose all of that has the potential for goodness at the end of the day.
  2. I won’t be the only one contributing. I guessing many of you have questions like “How will you handle school for the kids?” or “How are you able to put up with Paul 24×7?” I’d like this place to be one where Laura will speak for herself. Trey and Kamaile will also contribute on a regular basis–writing about their experiences and posting pics/vids whenever able–as part of their education while on the road. We have not seen an abundance of travel content produced by Tweens and Teens on the interwebs, so our hope is that what they share will be valuable for other young people.
  3. You’ll get the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is not just about us showing off all the places we’re visiting or the cool things we’re doing. We will do our best to be transparent about our doubts and struggles, too. While we have big hopes for how this next season unfolds, there are many moving parts which could turn it all upside down or make it fizzle out at a moment’s notice. Should that occur, you’ll see it here on this blog, too. 

Please know that we forcing ourselves to be open to possibilities and giving ourselves the permission to change course at any time. What does that mean? You may read about us putting a ton of energy into zigging only to find out later that we’re zagging. What starts out as a quick visit to one locale could very well be a long-term stay; or, vice versa.

Ultimately, we’re very excited and a little scared about what’s on the horizon. And that’s totally OK. Happy Reading!

Hello world!

Our Story

Laura and I met in England in the summer of 1995 while volunteering for Youth With A Mission (YWAM)–an international, non-denominational, non-profit Christian organization. It was there where we developed an understanding that the world was much more than our respective hometowns, gained a deeper appreciation for other cultures, and cultivated a desire to both connect with and serve the people we met along the wayWe returned to the US later that year, were married the following summer, and have hit the typical milestones that one might expect out of people riding the “Conveyor Belt of Life” (more on this in a future blog) through the years: college, car, house, kids, corporate career, etc. 

Laura and I have never lost our desire to experience the world and love it’s people. We’ve spent most of our marriage involved in local churches, local schools/co-ops, and earnestly serving teammates in the workplace (quick shout out to my friends at T-Mobile USA). However, our opportunities to see the world were relatively limited as we raised our young family. It seems like I’ve either heard or uttered the phrase “someday let’s visit [place]” hundreds of times in recent years. 

So now what?

Now in early 2015, Trey and Kamaile are now old enough to travel well and appreciate new experiences; yet, young enough to still be excited about sharing those experiences with Mom and Dad. We’ve had the privilege of taking wonderful family vacations in the past couple years–Hawaii, NYC, Disneyworld, and Disneyland. Last year, Laura and I got the chance to take a trip to Iceland. Why? Why not? 🙂

As amazing as those experiences have been, over the past 18 months, we have been dreaming about spending more time traveling together before the kids got too old. Reality often quickly set in as we considered the time/resources/guts required to take a 6-month Sabbatical, or even a Gap Year. Yet, a series of recent events suddenly make those barriers, those excuses, go away. 

We are now ready to embark on a journey to see the world and provide our family opportunities for service, adventure, education, and fun! This journey is our attempt to not let so many “somedays” pass us by. is our attempt to chronicle that journey. We’re starting out with very little clue about where we’re headed, when we’re going, or even how to begin. We invite you to join us. Perhaps we’ll entertain you. Perhaps we’ll inspire you. At minimum, perhaps you’ll learn from the mistakes we’re bound to make along the way.

Go and experience. Stay and connect.