Ha Long Bay, Vietnam (June 2015)

We often hear the phrase “someday let’s visit” when referring to the people that we’d like to meet and places we’d like to explore.

Laura and I met years ago in England while volunteering for an international NPO. It was then that our passion for exploring far off places and experiencing new cultures was born. Upon returning to the U.S., we built a pretty typical life–marriage, career, cars, house, kids, and the metaphorical white picket fence.

As our children, Trey and Kamaile, grew older, so did our desire to someday impart the same lessons to them which we had learned as young adults. We want them to know that the world is:

  • much bigger than what they knew in suburban Seattle;
  • more safe and, yet, more dangerous;
  • more simple and, yet, more complex; 
  • more forgiving and, yet, more challenging; and,
  • simply more beautiful.

In early 2015, our family decided to stop letting so many “somedays” pass us by. Guided by the principles of Service, Adventure, Education, and Fun, we are traveling the world whenever, wherever, and however we can.

Somedayletsvisit.com is our attempt to chronicle that journey. We started out with very little clue about where we’re headed, when we’re going, or even how to begin. Little has changed since then; yet, we’re already filled with a lifetime full of experiences. We invite you to join us. Perhaps we’ll entertain you. Perhaps we’ll inspire you. At a minimum, perhaps you’ll learn from the mistakes that we’re bound to make along the way.

Warm Regards,

Paul, Laura, Trey, and Kamaile Bunda (#SeattleBundas)

Go and experience. Stay and connect.

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