Hey guys, guess where we are now?! Indonesia! We are staying with some friends and the house is amazing, I have my own room with a huge loft!

When we got to SeaTac airport, and we boarded our first flight. It was a 12 hour flight to Taipei, where we had a four hour layover until our next flight to Jakarta for five hours.

While we were in  Taipei, we had a meal that of consisted of dumplings and beef soup. While we were in the restaurant we met some people that were headed to Bandung to do missionary work! After the meal we passed the gates in the airport and they were all themed!  There was even a Hello Kitty gate and our gate was dedicated to sports!


When we arrived in Jakarta, we were greeted by some friends who sped us past customs and immigration in a fraction of the time it usually takes. After we got out we found the friends we are staying with, and left for home away from home in Bandung.

I missed 90% of the ride home because I was asleep for it. For the parts that I was awake for was with very crowded roads, with cars within inches of each other and motorcycles still weaving in and out of traffic. When we got back, I was so tired that I had dinner and just went straight to bed.


We went to a very cool store where we got our groceries for the next few weeks. 

Rows and rows of noodles!
When we got back, we had lunch and then I did my school for the day on my bed. After that we decided to go to dinner, but an unexpected guest arrived, so we got takeout instead. The takeout was stuff like Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and Mie Tek Tek (Fried Noodles). While we were waiting for our food, we also watched a hilarious video named Flute 20th Century Fox.


When I woke up I spent a bit of time reading and texting friends back home. After I got out of bed, we had breakfast with the new groceries and it was very good. I worked on my school workbook and then had a very nice lunch that was made by the helper. We met some friends of our friends and they invited K and I to the pool! It was really fun, since there was a high dive that was maybe 12 feet off the water, and we used it a ton! When we got back, I took a quick nap (still dealing with jet lag), got up and went to dinner just down the road. When we for back, I flopped down and wrote the blog you are reading now! So far, the first three days traveling! My next post will be about our first walk from our neighborhood to the city center. It was a great experience!

See you guys later!

36 thoughts on “!! INDONESIA !!”

  1. Enjoyed reading about your time in Indonesia to date. Can’t wait to read more so keep them coming and remember to savor each experience. Love you guys, be safe and have fun.

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  2. I love your blog Trey! You will never forget this trip. Keep writing and telling us your stories. What are some sounds and smells you have experienced?

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    1. Well it really stinks since the sewers are horrible and people are always burning garbage, but at night if you look at the city it is amazing! 5 times a day, there are these calls to prayer that sound amazing!


  3. T, that’s so cool! I love the way you write – it sounds just like you! You’ll have to swap pool stories with Ty when you get back. The local pools (and the high dives) are a few of things he loved most about growin up overseas. Keep up the awesome blog posts!

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  4. Love reading your account io your life in Indonesia. The swimming sounds like you had a blast. Very cool!
    Glad you like the house and room you are in.
    So, what about bugs there?
    Keep writing. So fun to read your blog!

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  5. Your trip so far looks amazing! The food sounds tasty and the people seem super nice šŸ™‚ So cool that you have your own bedroom! Hopefully the jet lag will pass soon. We can’t wait to hear more about what you’re experiencing!

    Keep the updates coming!
    Steve and Sonia

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  6. Hi Trey, Wow, you’ve done so much already! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Cannot wait to read more of your travels and to see pictures!! Have fun and tell the fams “hi”.

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  7. Enjoyed reading your blog! Keep on writing & learning!
    How fun your bedroom in a loft!
    Look forward to your next blog post!
    Aunty Eileen

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  8. OMG, your flight was super long! Did you sleep on the airplane? It’s no wonder you have jet lag. Drink alot of water. Do you have to drink bottled water? Glad you are liking the food. The swimming pool sounds like alot of fun! Enjoying reading your blog, keep posting!

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