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Ueno Park and Tokyo Imperial Palace (March 28, 2015 Recap)

Hey guys, today we went to Ueno Park to see the cherry blossoms! There were two colors, white and pink on many different species of trees.


It was very interesting because tons of people kind of claimed sections of the grass with tarps to hang out at, also called Hanami. This is an annual tradition that was started to welcome in the new year’s harvest.   We also saw a lot of different people, even some guys dressed as anime girls! After leaving the park, we went to Ameyoko Market, where we saw one of the cosplay weirdos again.   

We found a restaurant where we sat down and had a hard time ordering because the menu was in Japanese! This shouldn’t be surprising since we are in Japan, but thankfully when they saw our confused faces, they brought out a picture menu, which I was extremely grateful for. 

After eating, we said goodbye to our grandparents since they are leaving today, and went to find our Tokyo Free Walking Tour.

The tour took us through the Tokyo Imperial Palace, where we learned all about the history of the place.


After the tour we decided to go home to relax for a while, and then go to dinner at a place called Brozers’. They have AMAZING burgers and awesome desserts. When we got home from the one minute walk, we got ready for bed and went to sleep

See you guys later!