Kamaile’s First Post

Oh my,


(3-24-15) I’ve never been a country where the people speak a different language and it was kind of interesting (and sort of boring) listening to the announcements on the plane in both English and Japanese.

IMG_0618 (1)

Speaking of the plane, the ride was sooooo looooong!😳✈ It took ten and a half hours! At least we got some good entertainment, though, I thought I was gonna be bored to death! But, nope!😊 We got to fly on one of those planes where there are mini T.V.s on the back of the seats💺📺And even better, there were free movies, music, and games on it! Even though we had games and movies to do I still wanted to nap😴so I could get over jet lag (Tokyo is sixteen hours ahead of Seattle!), which was awesome because the flight attendants gave us blankets, pillows, eye shades😎, and ear plugs….😴😴

Tomorrow, I’ll write more about what I did today, because I did a lot more fun stuff! I’m also going on a biking tour around Tokyo 🚲 and hope to write a good post about it so you guys can read about it! 📖

✌⭕⛎➕ (aka PEACE OUT)


10 thoughts on “Kamaile’s First Post”

  1. Hi Kamaile, I enjoyed reading your first post.
    Have a wonderful & memorable time in Tokyo!
    Look forward to your next comment on your biking tour!
    Love, Aunty Eileen


  2. great job on your first post. I lived in Japan for over 3 years and was there when they opened the first McDonalds on the Ginza strip. I even got married in Tokyo. Love you!


  3. I can’t wait to hear more about your flight K! When you are heading back from Japan, I’ll be heading to Beijing China! The flight to China is about the same, around 11 hours. Can’t wait for your next post!


  4. Kamaile, I loved reading your post. I can’t wait to hear about your bike tour and see photos of Japan. Eat some noodles for me.


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