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Planning for Southeast Asia 

Hello world,

Guess what! Our next stop? Indonesia!

So, this will be my longest time ever away from home, I mean, more than two whole months! Man, that’s just crazy to think about. We’ll be staying with some friends that are living in Bandung, which is just west of Jakarta, Indonesia’s Capitol. We aren’t just going to stay in Indonesia, we’re going to go to some other countries in Southeast Asia too: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos on a 25 day tour.

We’ve been planning, preparing, and prepping like crazy! Mainly, all the “P’s.” But, the worst part of the “P’s” is IMMUNIZATIONS. Blugh.💉 I was worrying and dreading and worrying and dreading and worrying and dreading and worrying and dreading! But, when we got to the doctors office, it turns out that for one of the shots, you could trade out for pills!  And the other shots that aren’t pills, are only for grown ups! Two of the pills that we take now are typhoid and malaria. So much for that worrying and dreading.


The other thing is food. I’ve got to get used to Indonesian food! In order to get ready, we’ve been having more Asian, and more spicy foods. For example, the other day we had spicy Asian stir fry, which wasn’t a really big deal because I don’t mind heat, I kinda like things spicy! My mom even made our green beans spicy with Sriracha.

We leave soon (May 11th!), so I’ve got to get to packing, I mean, I just packed for two weeks in Japan, now I gotta pack for two months for Southeast Asia.

I’m soooo NERVOUCITED!!!🙈🙉🙊 

✌️⭕️⛎➕ (AKA peace out),


Mount Fuji (March 26, 2015 Recap)

Dear World,

WE WENT TO MOUNT FUJI!🗻🌸🗻🌸🗻🌸🗻🌸🗻🌸🗻🌸🗻

We (my family) met my grandparents at their hotel in Ginza where a bus picked us up along with a couple other groups. We all rode for about 15 minutes until we reached the station place (I think). There, we waited in line for a couple minutes and then the workers gave us these stickers (which u think were basically our tickets).

After we got our stickers/tickets we hopped on a different bus and rode for about an hour and a half until we got to a spot where we could take super pretty pictures of Mount Fuji. 

   Then, we continued on for about half an hour until we got to the 4th Station where you could take some pictures of the Japanese Southern Alps and Mount Fuji from below:


The road conditions were bad so we couldn’t go any higher, but we got ice cream as a consolation prize.

We continued on the bus for about half an hour, until reached a hotel where we ate lunch! It was a Japanese style lunch with a bento box, some miso soup, and a bowl of rice.🍚

The lunch was surprisingly good! No, it was great!😄After we ate our meal, we rode the bus for about thirty more minutes until we got to Lake Ashi. The lake was very pretty, but what I think the two coolest things were: the ferry that looked like a pirate boat

and the swan boats! They were super cool! They were paddle boats shaped like swans.

After we rode around the lake once, we hopped on a ski lift thingy. Actually, I have no idea what it was. It was the shape and size of a bus, had no seats, and no wheels. But, it was riding on wires like a ski lift.

Anyway, we rode it up these mountains things (I have no idea which mountains), and when we got to the top, oh it was prettiest thing ever! You could see the Japanese alps, you could see Tokyo, and you could see a golf course (not sure which one though!)


After we came back down the mountain in the ski lift thingy, we shopped around for some mochi and found some vanilla mochi with red bean filling.😛 When we were done eating our mochi, Ma’ama (my grandma), Mom, and Papa went down to the bakery (that was next to the mochi place) and while they were there Dad, Trey (my brother), and I went looking for something to do. We were walking around the shops when we saw a little girl sitting on a robotic panda thing and we realized she was driving it! So when she was done, Trey and I hopped on the panda, put some yen in, and started driving around! It was so, so fun!

After all if the family met back up, we climbed back on the bus and rode for about twenty more minutes until it dropped us off at the train station. Can you guess what type of train we rode to get back to Ginza? The bullet train!🚄 After we rode the bullet train back to Ginza, we walked a few blocks until we got back to our apartment, got ready for bed, and called it a night!😴💤 

✌⭕⛎➕ (aka peace out)


P.S. I don’t know if I said this in any of my other posts, but most of the locals here wear masks😷. Not because they’re sick or anything, just because… because? I guess it’s just germs or something but I have no idea!😆

Kamaile’s First Post

Oh my,


(3-24-15) I’ve never been a country where the people speak a different language and it was kind of interesting (and sort of boring) listening to the announcements on the plane in both English and Japanese.

IMG_0618 (1)

Speaking of the plane, the ride was sooooo looooong!😳✈ It took ten and a half hours! At least we got some good entertainment, though, I thought I was gonna be bored to death! But, nope!😊 We got to fly on one of those planes where there are mini T.V.s on the back of the seats💺📺And even better, there were free movies, music, and games on it! Even though we had games and movies to do I still wanted to nap😴so I could get over jet lag (Tokyo is sixteen hours ahead of Seattle!), which was awesome because the flight attendants gave us blankets, pillows, eye shades😎, and ear plugs….😴😴

Tomorrow, I’ll write more about what I did today, because I did a lot more fun stuff! I’m also going on a biking tour around Tokyo 🚲 and hope to write a good post about it so you guys can read about it! 📖

✌⭕⛎➕ (aka PEACE OUT)